Frequently Asked Questions

Do you drill any holes?
we will use all the existing holes provided by the manufacturer, however, certain critical areas cannot be accessed without drilling. To avoid the consequences of drilling, we will use a special drill bit that will not heat up the metal area. Once the area has been treated we protect every hole by applying a special protective product and esthetic plastic caps.

will these holes rust?
No. Grease is applied around the hole to ensure that it doesn’t rust.

My car is already showing signs of rust, will your treatment work?
we will not repair existing rust but it will slow down its progress considerably

Do you clean the underside of my car first?
If necessary, we remove any accumulations of dirt under your fenders and in other sensitive areas before the vehicle is treated.

When can I wash my car?
you will can wash your car immediately after the application.

why must the vehicle be treated eyery year?
The difficult winters we experience in Québec and Ontario tend to lessen the effectiveness of most products over time. Due to temperature variations and the abrasive nature of salt, dust and sand, the product may be removed over time, leaving certain parts of the vehicle unprotected.

Can the product be remove by rainwater? 
No. The oil is firmly bonded with the metal and does not mix with water. As such, it creates a barrier against water and humidity. Just think of the times you’ve tried to clean your hands using only water when they are covered in oil. As you probably know, the oil cannot be removed, even with scrubbing, and grease-cutting soap must be used.

Should I make an appointment to have my vehicle treated?
Yes. An appointment is recommended to avoid an extended wait.

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