Rust Proofing

Rust proofing is an electro chemical reaction that occurs when water contacts bare metal.

We understand how rust is caused. It is no mystery where it comes from and the damage rust will cause to the vehicle you own. Rust is caused by both wet and cold climates. Snow, ice, humidity, moisture, condensation and other air born pollutants also cause vehicles to rust. Corrosion (rust) is a serious problem for car owners. Rust is more commonly caused by moisture and salty water, especially during the winter season when salt is often used to melt snow (the salt is sodium chloride and sometimes calcium chloride). While driving during the winter the salt on the roads gets trapped in the metal folds like the door panel, seams and curves, which will accelerate the amount of rust on your vehicle. The calcium chloride (salt) can draw moisture from the air, so the salt deposits from the winter can continue to cause corrosion during the summer even though there is no more salt on the roads.

What is a Rust?

Rust is an electrochemical reaction which occurs when water contacts bare steel. Creases or depressions in the metal can trap moisture, increasing contact time which causes more rusting to occur. The rate of rusting increases with temperature.

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